Aquaponic Gardening: Great Reads

19.11.2015 | 18:19

Hey guys, Monica here,

Just thought I would send a comment out stating that I have added books/literature regarding Aquaponic gardening and sustainability to my Helpful Links page listed above. I have since come up with the list below that is my first round of Kindle and paperback that I recently purchased and review will follow shortly.

But don’t wait for me, check them out below;


P.S. Not sure what I did before Amazon, but I would be lost without them today.


Discovering the Best System for Aquaponic Gardening

6.10.2015 | 00:43

Hello all, Monica here!

After many grueling hours of not finding anything close to what I was looking for, I stumbled on a set of DIY aquaponic system designs that fit my criteria of being completely organic and budget friendly.

The name of the website is Aquaponics System Solutions and after absorbing all the information Mr. Fu gave, I knew I had to give it a try. And personally I also tend to pay attention to the reviews listed on sites and what insight they might bring to the reader.

What I found below was exactly what I was hoping to hear about the system designs as a whole:

Click Here to check out what I found

“I was skeptical even after buying your Home Aquaponics DIY Package. But soon after reading your manual it spurred my interest to get started right away especially after reading your suggestions on how to significantly lower the cost to build one.

I built my aquaponics system with less than $30. Now, I grow my own food. I save on groceries and most importantly I know I’m eating my own home grown healthy organic food. Thank you Steven.”

Sam MacMallon
St Petersburg, Florida

Upon purchasing the designs and reading the ebook; everything is broken down into great detail so that I’m not left with any questions on moving forward. The information looks up-to-date and has so far provided more than expected in terms of general maintenance and care of the little self-sufficient ecosystem.

The only thing I wish the ebook had is more videos. I like seeing certain tasks performed in real life, but that might be just a personal thing for me. I still got through the manual and the other free ebooks with no difficulty.

But I definitely think it’s worth giving a shot and at being able to put to rest the seemingly endless researching. And of course, I can’t tell you how much I’m looking forward not having to water all the time.

And secondly, I’m no longer going to be dependent on making it to the grocery store to eat consistently healthy. I’ll be able to just take my pick of fresh produce in my own apartment.

I now have the means and ways of putting together my own soil-less garden without much hassle.

See the website for yourself

I hope you find this information useful and will maybe even start your own little aquaponic gardening unit using Aquaponic System Solutions. I mean, we’re all here essentially to take a chance on making healthier lifestyle choices right? Might as well start somewhere!


Researching for the best DIY Aquaponic Systems – What I’ve found so far

1.10.2015 | 04:45

Hello everyone, Monica here!

Over the past week or so I’ve been probing through websites claiming that their home-built aquaponic systems are the most budget friendly, information heavy, efficient guides out there.

Problem is, I haven’t really found one that seemed….well for lack of a better word….legit!

Of the few I have seen, the designs seem great at first but tend to spiral into leading just to more questions about the whole process.

Click Here to potentially end all your questions!

For example, some have videos with great content but didn’t provide any information about the actual materials needed to build the system from scratch.

Many, interestingly enough, seem targeted for commercial growers, and due to being conducted on such a grand scale I immediately opted out of them because my apartment doesn’t have that ‘freedom of space’ luxury.

I want to try and find a set of plans that offers flexibility on the creation side, and my wallet of course.
Looking around, I haven’t had anything really leap out to me yet and the ones that I was tempted to pursue further ended up to be disappointingly out of date or too cheap looking.

I want to find DIY system designs that are fairly recent and websites that are continually updating with more information to give to the field of Aquaponics.

I know that I can find something like this, I just have to keep digging. Or maybe swimming in this case.

Cheers! I’ll be writing again soon.

Can we have a successful garden without need for soil? We shall see…

28.9.2015 | 17:26

Hello everyone! I am about to start a little aquaponic adventure which involves leaving dirt and soil behind to embrace a new, solely organic outlook on gardening.

The questions that I want to answer are the following:

Can I make my own aquaponic system without emptying my bank account?

Can I grow different plants all year round regardless of seasonal change?

Which delivers the most effective results? Aquaponic farming or Hydroponic cultivation?

Let’s get started with some research!